The Roof

A primary reason for doing a new van was to get a motorised roof. Sue could never manage raising or lowering the SCA pop-top on our T5 and as we both get older it would becoming ever more of a struggle. However none of the aftermarket roof manufacturers offer a motorised option so the only one that is motorised is the OE roof on a VW California and that is not available separately from VW. The solution is to source one from a recently scrapped California ours came from Kernow Transporters and was fitted by Mirko at Premium Camper.

It is off a 2014 Edition 25 Cali that was scrapped at 38K km by the lease company. No it wasn’t new but it was in A1 condition so hardly any different to a plastic aftermarket roof. It has the original slatted bed frame and 75mm mattress. We had a new T6 canvas fitted at the same time and it is now controlled by 2 switches (power & up/down) fitted in the overhead console and relays under the drivers seat. Raising and lowering is powered from the leisure battery and isn’t integrated with the canbus as in the Cali.

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