Corvid-19 Boredom

It’s almost 6 months since I last posted and our only trip this year. Since then, apart from moving the van out of the way to get BugBlanc in and out of the garage, the only place we have been is 20 miles down the road to Perth to meet Sarah & James for coffee on their way south.

It’s below freezing here in the Heart of Scotland and the van is covered in a dusting of snow. It will be 2 years old in a weeks time so I knew it would be asking for a se4vice even though it has only done 600 miles since last year.

So this morning I thought it best to have look. I checked the batteries and the Votronic panel told me that the starter and leisure batteries were at one 100%. Good news that the solar panels and charge controller have been doing a great job. Of course as you would expect the van started on the button.

So that’s it, booked in for a service. Frustrating because it’s a waste, it is part of the package we bought, but modern vehicles insist that it is done on schedule. At least it can have a drive to Dundee and back, perhaps the long way round.

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