Fred is our “best mate” and will feature a lot in our travels.

He is a golden Cocker Spaniel from a working strain and was born in February 2015. Both his parents work on a shooting estate and that is definitely in his genes. He is extremely alert and active while we don’t work him we spend all our time keeping him occupied.

His KC registration is Freddies Forage and clearly the breeder knew something about his make up. Open the van door and he will make a bee line for the nearest hedge to stick his face in.

We first met Fred on 2nd May 2015 and he came to live with us 2 days later on 4th May 2015 when he was 10 weeks old. We broke all the rules of meet the breeder and meet the parents but he came with such good provenance that checked out.

As he has grown and developed he has become a handsome dog with great intelligence and character. He is also a wilful little soul and can be too clever for his own good.


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