Sue and Alistair have been together for a long time – we met in 1971 and married in 1974. In that time we have seen a lot and had a lifetime of adventures together big and little. On our travels by motorcycle, car, van, boat and plane we have been to the Far East, America, the Caribbean, a lot of Western Europe and of course the UK.

Sue is a native of Amersham in Buckinghamshire and Alistair was born in Edinburgh and after lots of family moves moved to Amersham in his mid teens. Through work we ended up in the Eastbourne area in 1993 and have been there ever since. For a while we also had a house in Treboul in Brittany and would have loved to retire there but family and economy conspired agains us. Sue worked in finance most of her career and Alistair in building services project management and then ICT before we started our own moderately successful business in 2001.

In 2013 we took the decision not to go back to work and to make the most of our early retirement travelling around the UK and Europe hence our Campervan Life. Over the years we contemplated a campervan several times until we finally took the plunge and bought our first.

In the past our travels have taken us to many interesting places around the world. We have stayed in smart hotels and resorts and many and varied camp sites. So its time now to kick back and spend more time on the open road living in our camper van enjoying the scenery at home and the near continent. With time on our hands it is easy to spend several weeks at a time away from home seeing what we can while we can.

Our choice of van had to be our only vehicle so switch seamlessly between daily driver and holiday motorhome. We chose a VW Transporter van in the first place because you do don’t you? It probably stemmed from the idea of a VW California that was nice but had several draw backs for what we wanted. We previously had a Mercedes Vito that was a joy to drive but a VW T5/6 is very boxy so easy to convert and they both drive like big cars.

By the time we first decided to buy in 2013 we had discovered the VW van scene and the forums so we were properly in to it. The wealth of information and possibility was mind boggling but we were lucky to find Simon Fisher, Kingfisher Campervans, locally who did this first conversion for us that served us well for 3 years.

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