October Days

Finally we have managed a few days away with some nice weather and a chance for Archie, our one year old Cocker, to get used to travel. Unlike Fred Archie hasn’t taken so well to travelling and really needs to learn the benefits. However this summer has been about awakening from Covid, building a workshop extension on our garage and making the garden more liveable so travel has been on hold.

First of all we had to drop my cousin home in Edinburgh and collect a few second hand parts I had bought for my Beetle. Chores done we headed for picturesque North Berwick. We had volunteered to recce the local camp sites for a meet next year with old friends and it looks like Tantallon Park fits the bill perfectly. Meanwhile parking the van in town and on the beach front was surprisingly easy.

North Berwick is a quaint wee town with plenty to occupy a couple of days. There are numerous boutiquey shops, bars and restaurants to while away some time. The surrounding villages, links coast, history and various other tourist attractions also offer plenty to occupy time. The town beach front offer views across the Firth of Forth of the Fife coast from the iconic bridges to the Neuk of Fife.

As well as getting used to travel this was Archies first experience of the beach. Frankly he hardly noticed – just chased his ball.

Further down the coast with the spectacular views from the A1 as it joins the railway along the cliff edge we reached Berwick-upon-Tweed and England, for the first time in 2 years. We planned to stay just inland at the Plough on the Hill where they offer Motorhome stopovers with hospitality and a lovely meal out. The views from the pub car park are quite stunning as is the nearby beach at Cocklawburn for a morning stroll and throw ball for the dogs. Strangely Fred really can’t be bothered chasing ball in the park but he will have a go on the beach.

Something we had been wanting to do since we moved to Scotland was to spend a night at the Kelpies to see them lit up. So it was back up the A1, lunch by the beach again in North Berwick, and off to Falkirk for the night. Helix park let you stop overnight for £5 which is well worth it to see the kelpies lit up. Even more so as we had arrived on a night when they would be colour changing as well. One cannot fail to be impressed by the Kelpies sculptures alone but lit and changing colour against a dark night sky they are simply something else.

2 thoughts on “October Days”

    1. Sorry but I don’t know. You can check the Helix Park web site or FB page. I read somewhere that is to mark support for the likes of charities so it could be a bit random.


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