Just Maybe…

Back in January we had plans for 2020 and then along came Covid-19. The van has sat on the drive except for a trip to gets its MoT and one to fetch my Beetle chassis from and deliver the body to Retrograde Autobody in January and another a couple of weeks ago to take the Polo for its annual srvice.

Now we are coming to the decision to cancel our 2 month Europe trip. Not that we are worried about our ability to stay safe but the changing rules across Europe and our lack of anything other than a bit of French and German should we become ill is disconcerting. Neither is traveling through England an attractive idea and who knows what sort of second wave or lockdown we may have to return to.

So what to do? Well we can travel all over Scotland in a couple of weeks time but here again there is likely to be a problem with campers and caravaners swamping us. We will just have to go easy and see how it all pans out.

Meantime the van has just had a tidy up, finish off a few details that didn’t get done last year, take the bike rack off – won’t need it for shorter trips at home and check the hob and water heater are both still working OK.

One thought on “Just Maybe…”

  1. Hi. Just read a bit of your homepage history. Such a busy life and now suddenly this lockdown. So frustrating for you. Yes it has been a difficult year for van owners. And also the worry of crossing the UK country roads. We live in Wales with the current 5 miles limitations. However. We are also seeing many people from afar visiting Wales recently. Strange days. We can’t just pop down to our local beach/dunes. Closed. Just patience I suppose in all of us van owners getting back out there. And safely. My T2 Bay VeeDub is my daily transport. So I at least get to use the bus going to work. All the best for all three of you and best wishes for future ambitions.


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