Cold Weather

How time has flown since I last added to this blog. We have sold up and moved 500 miles north into Scotland. The van has been earning its keep during this time ferrying us up and down the country on more than one occasion including once with our Polo on the trailer and another with our new project VW Beetle on the trailer. We have done a couple of other short trips in the meantime including a long planned camp out at Sandringham with friends.

So now the dust has settled we have managed to use the van for the odd trip out such as an evening in the hills not quite seeing the Aurora and just this weekend another bash to the far south to visit family and Slough Swapmeet, an auto jumble for air cooled VWs that contrary to its title was at Newbury race course. The significance here of these two trips, and particularly the later, was testing cold weather use. several nights around freezing and we had the Wallas fired up in heater mode and the hot water from the Planar. All I can tell you is that they both worked excellently and we were toasty warm. We turned the heating off at bed time and climbed into our 4 season bags and stayed come all night.

So now we are looking for the opportunity to take it to mountains in the near future.

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