Week Twenty – End of The Build

So here we are finally finished, or at least as finished as it ever will be because there always be something than needs doing, changing or repairing.

First thing this week the custom shower tray arrived from Henderson Plastics. It is a nice piece of work and very good value. I must have got something right because all it needed was a hole in the floor for the waste, a cut out around the fridge pipe and it dropped straight in. I had a plastic slatted insert ready and with a simple size adjustment it too dropped straight in. Delivery of the shower was followed by a large piece of acrylic mirror cut to size and shape with a cut out for the shower fitting. A little bit of work to trim and seal as best as possible and it is ready to go.

I also replaced the plastic sliding door track with an aluminium channel and a strip of PVC in the bottom to help it slide and added a couple of diagonals of tambour door tape. Now the door works as intended.

With that done there was one more big job which involved a trip to Glide-Rite in Liphook to have a Ride-Rite Semi Air Suspension system fitted. This involves 2 Firestone suspension bellows in place of the bump stops, a small compressor and a small control panel under the dash. So now we can adjust the rear ride height by about 75mm and the springs all the way from soft to rock hard. As the van will always be closer to its design weight this will help prevent the springs sagging, it will make the van more stable and we can adjust the height for camp site levelling and obstacles such as ferry ramps. Not a cheap option but given everything else we have done it seems like a worthwhile addition.

Other than that I have adjusted the tank position slightly to miss the below and shortened the fill and drain pipes. In addition I have made an alluvium tailpipe extension for the exhaust to direct it below the tank. Hot exhaust was already damaging the insulation I put on the tank so this seems a necessity. If this works then I will buy a short piece of 89mm SS tube and make a more permanent job. As I said at the start of this piece – there will always be something to do.

4 thoughts on “Week Twenty – End of The Build”

  1. Hi Alistair. Love the blog! I’ve just taken delivery of my new Crafter too and have the Fiamma awning to fit at the weekend. I’ve done as much research as possible to try to source the gutter rails but it looks like the OEM ones is the only option. Bugger! Where did you source yours from please? Thanks. Alastair!!


    1. I got the rails from TPS and wished I realised that they were an OE option. See my early post about the rail brackets, they are for RH install and need reworking for LH fit. Fiamma now do a fitting kit that doesn’t need the rails but again they are for LH fit. If you haven’t already visit the New Crafter Self Build FB group. There are a few folk there who have also fitted a Fiamma F65.


      1. That’s great and thanks for the quick reply. £720 is rather a lot for just the rails! I’ve bought the F80s and before the van turned up so think I’m stuck with the expensive route hehe. Bugger! Cheers. Al


      2. Likewise – now I wish I ticked that box on the options for £300! The curved roof and walls are the #1 drawback on a Crafter. You could still look at the bracket only option if you can fit them to the LHS or I believe some converters have made their own.


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