Putting on Weight

I said a few weeks ago that we knew it was getting heavy and when I weighed it it was already 3280kg so something had to be done.

I think the problem is that the original weight can be anywhere between 2150kg and 2450kg depending on the van spec. I have been assuming 3250kg but it looks like it was likely to have been nearer 2450kg. Another lesson, weigh the original vehicle before you start work. Although the van is plated at 3500kg (the limit that younger folk can drive without passing another test and the limit before a taco is required on a commercial vehicle) the front axle is rated at 1800kg and the rear 2100kg so potentially 3900kg. So on Tuesday I put in a call to SVTech who didn’t respond however John Ruffles at JR Consultancy did and with minimum fuss for £180 uprated the MGW (Max Gross Weight) to 3900kg.

I have popped it back on the weigh bridge with a full tank of fuel and all the camping equipment and got 3340kg total and 1740kg for the back axle only. That leaves a margin of 560kg for us, cloths, provisions, water etc. split 200/360kg between front and rear axles which should be plenty.

So now we are a 3900kg Motor Caravan. Things to remember / be aware of are;

  • over 3500kg you require a C1 driving license that those of us who passed our tests before 1997 have.
  • over 3050kg unladen weight speeds are once again restricted to vans, so 70mph on motorways, 60mph on dual carriage ways and 50mph on ordinary roads. Of course unless indicated otherwise lower.
  • Similar and even lower speed limits apply across Europe.

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