Week Eighteen

Well there you have it – the finished product – well almost. The van was delivered to us on 17th of January and here we are on 17th of May setting out on our first journey. Registered as a Motor Caravan and up-plated to 3900kg it is massively spacious inside and really looks the part

I say almost finished because there is the showers tray to fit in a couple of weeks and then we can trim and seal the toilet / shower. There are a few trim jobs to do and no doubt there will be a few things to sort after our shake down run out.

This week it has been time to catch up on a lot of small jobs; The threshold strip at the sliding door, adjusting and levelling cupboard and locker doors, fit the sliding toilet door, trimming and sealing the bathroom sink and the roof vent, wallpaper Fred’s kennel with sticky back plastic and several other small jobs.

A few weeks ago I put the van on a weigh bridge and as I suspected it was a wee bit heavier than I imagined at 3280kg. While I was watching the weight I think my starting point was wrong. VW say 2060-2460kg depending on specification and I have been thinking it was about 2250kg. In reality it was probably closer to the higher figure especially with that tow bar. Lesson for everyone else – the first job in any big conversion should be a trip to the weigh bridge.

So really it could do with a few extra kg, perhaps 100-200kg and while it is registered as 3500kg the axles are rated at 1800/2100kg which given that our heaviest stuff is between the two should work nicely gaining an MGW of 3900kg. Here is a benefit of our age as both our licences have C1. I called SVTech and filled in their forms only to never hear back from them. On the other hand John Ruffles, JRConsultancy, have turned it round in a week and apparently it is in the post to me.

Another weight that would have been useful in respect of speed limits would have been the Unladen Gross Weight. Motor Caravans weighing less than 3050kg can do car speeds whereas those that weigh more are restricted to van speeds. In addition Motorhomes heavier than 3500kg are generally limited to van speeds throughout Europe. Ho hum – we will just have to do more relaxed speeds which was always the theory in our other vans but not always the practice.

Let the adventure begin!

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