Week Seventeen

What a week it has been but I can safely say that now the van is ready for the road. OK so there are still a few things to do, mostly titivating and nothing that if it isn’t done in the next few days will stop us going on a trail run to Cornwall on Friday.

It took a couple of days but the revised hot water system was plumbed and tested and on Wednesday the replacement exhaust and combustion pipes for the water heater arrived and got fitted. It fired up straight away and we have HOT water. I think I should read the instructions this week, go through the the settings and give it a longish burn.

When the toilet was going to be right at the back I bought a shower tray for it but now it is by a wheel arch the tray won’t fit. I’ve contemplated several possibilities including resizing the tray which bit the dust today. Instead I have found a Henderson Plastics who will make a custom one for us from 5mm white polypropylene that also covers the wheel arch for a very reasonable price. They will take 3 weeks so it will get installed before we go to Le Mans.

Meanwhile the toilet has been installed, the sink secured and connected and the sliding door fitted. Fitting the toilet required a vent through the floor to remove smells – something the literature doesn’t tell you about. Of course we couldn’t go straight through the floor so I had to create a dog leg with some 40mm waste pipe and fittings. Otherwise it was all pretty straight forward although there will be a lot of trimming and sealing to do once we fit the tray. You can see we have fitted a Bulldog shower even though they are meant for outside the van. The advantage is that we can use one shower head in two places, it has a trigger so won’t use masses of water and we don’t need it dangling in the toilet all the time.

Now on to more important things – Fred’s kennel. Right at the back of the van with an opening in the back wall is Fred’s own space into which will go his bed. It is pretty much the same size as his kennel in the utility at home. However access to the toilet cassette is through the side of the kennel so the back and side panels simply side out to give access. I have also made the side by all the services easy to slide out in case of the need to get at the pump and heater. At the same time I have put the mains hook op though the floor with the 16A plug fixed under the bumper. Usefully the flat hose for filling the water fits neatly under the kennel floor. Just one small job to do – Fablon the inside of the kennel to make it wipe clean.

Storage being important in a confined space I finished the week off by panelling the rear doors. Getting the shape right was actually not as bad as I expected and they turned out well. So now with the doors panelled I could top them off with the hooks and bungees for the the deck chairs. All I need to do now is stop the outdoor table falling off the step every time I open the door. I also need to store the Silver Screens – they are a bit bigger than the old ones for our T5&6, something I didn’t consider.

You can see we have packed a lot in. The clothes drier and ramps are held by bungees and the awning rafter and wind out handle have their own clips. There is also a “Hela” 12V rocket into which we can plug our outdoor LED strip that will hang from the rafter. The tray above the fridge compressor box has space for all manner of odds and ends and there is a Bulldog shower outlet for outdoor / dog use.

Meanwhile Sue began deep cleaning and getting rid of dust and dirty marks all of which there are lot of. She has been sealing the panel edges paying attention to getting a fine finish and it does look good. As well she has reduced a spare topper in size and made it fitted for the bed and been organising storage in the cupboards and especially trays and containers without which everything rattles and slides around when we are on the road.

And finally this week we got the V5c back from DVSA – we are now officially and legacy a Motor Caravan.

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