Van Wolf Graphics

There were several reasons why we chose the name Van Wolf for our van and one was the availability of nice graphics based on the idea of a wolf. We had some ideas about how we would like the van to look certainly not flashy and fussy rather classy and understated.

A visit to Steve @ Design Lab in Eastbourne was called for. Steve is a fellow dubber and his van graphics are always top notch. A couple of discussions about ideas and detail and we were booked in within a few days.

We have used a silver metal flake 7 year vinyl that has about the same amount of sparkle as the vans own paint. The wolf head designs I purchased as Jpeg and EPS from my usual source – The Wolfsberg shields are just internet downloads. Anyone who knows VW recognises them as old school VW and they might help explain the vans name. On the rear door we have social media links that may get us some like minded friends and followers.

We are over the moon with the finished result. Steve’s attention to detail is noticeable. He spent all day getting those 6m long stripes straight and he has started them from behind the headlamps and made them follow through the door gaps – you cannot see a break in them. The added bonus to Steve’s work was a very reasonable price tag.

If anyone within striking distance of Eastbourne is interested in using him Steve can be contacted through his FaceBook page, @Eastbournedesignlab

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