Week Thirteen

Its been one of those weeks when you know the end is in sight but it doesn’t get any closer.

Next week is 90 days since we got the van and the insurance company give you that long to get it converted and have the V5 changed which might be fine for a mini van but way too short for a bespoke high end conversion on a LWB big van. Never mind they have given us an extension and only charged us a few pounds for the extra 50% value with the tracker.

We started the week assembling the overhead lockers. The carcassing went together quite well considering I drew it without having the van and not really knowing all the levels. Of course there are a few things I would do differently if there was a next time – which there won’t be. I had to order new hinges, which arrived on Monday, as the originals had too much slop in them and I needed them to be precise and unsprung so had to buy Blum. It took me all day on Tuesday to get the doors hung with stays and catches. They all work fine and just need levelling – something which I suspect could be an ongoing battle as the van moves about.

At the same time I fitted the Loox downlights and those at low level. These all work on a 4 channel dimmer with remote controls.

I found that the Votronic display and App weren’t working correctly. It took me a couple of days to sort this and in the main it was down to my misunderstanding the instructions. Once corrected they all seem to function just fine.

Next came a tidy up around the seating area and fixing the plinth with its vent for the electronic equipment and the side panel for the seat with the low level lights. At the same time I fitted the door to the front of the seat base which gives a massive underseat storage space.

At the beginning of the week we so wanted to do headlining this this week but there were just so many jobs that needed doing first. We had to take out the partitions for the fridge and the toilet to trim them to allow the headlining to oversail but keep the shadow line and the LED strip lights. Whilst the partitions were down we added some pop out coat hooks in the living are and in the toilet for towels but also for wet coats. And with the partitions back in place the fridge was finally fixed in position. The space behind is for storing the tables and the fridge compressor is located in the garage to remove the noise from the living area.

Next we attacked the back wall of the toilet / bathroom and this was far from straightforward. We have a sink unit from a Swift motorhome that leaves a flat wall finish but needs a bespoke installation. All went well until we offered the partition wall up to discover what had not worked. So Sunday was spent reengineering this to find a good working solution which we have and once it is trimmed up no one will be any the wiser. Indeed the solution gives more space for the fridge compressor and allows us to retain full use of the back door stay that we would otherwise have lost.

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