Week Eleven

We really got into the fitting out this week. I had a great time working with Trevor at Cut’n’Edge Joinery for 4 days. It is a pleasure working with decent equipment and someone who really knows his stuff.

My first job this week, while we waited for the edge tape to be delivered, was fitting the panel behind the batteries so that I could install the main isolator and 300A fuse from the leisure batteries. I had bought a cheap hydraulic crimp tool off eBay that has made crimping all the big cables relatively easy. Once the terminals have been crimped on I am finishing them with a bit of heat shrink to minimise the exposed bare terminals. At the same time I fitted a couple of pop out hooks into the panel.

Once the edge tape turned up it took less a day to cut and edge all of the laminate panels before we were ready to start assembling. The base unit for the kitchen was our first task that took us a couple of days and the end result is brilliant. They are made from pre finished light weight ply with the Altrofina Weave laminate on the face. It has a hessian like texture so it won’t show scratches and wear. We have used ordinary hardware with SouthCo push in/out handle/locks and have a neat Hafele full height pull out unit. The worktop is a textured 12mm solid grade laminate with a mottled copper coloured finish and is as hard as anything to cut. It is also quite heavy so it is simply held down with super dooper foam tape and adhesive.

Ready for next week we set out and cut the overhead locker panels. These are going to be complicated and I will come back to them later. The last thing we did was to lay up all of the partition panels using lightweight ply and the same vinyl covered decorative board that will be used on the van walls.

My first job at the weekend was to connect up the hob and fit the microwave. The microwave is a simple non electronic domestic item running off the inverter. Although it is a free standing unit we have build it in so have allowed plenty of ventilation, even cutting a side panel to correspond with louvers in the case. The cooking equipment is now ready to use.

The side of the seat bed and the raised floor now has trim panels with floor lights and ventilation Louvre for the under floor kit. They just need a bit of edging to finish them.

And today, Sunday, we have been cracking on with the wall panels. Taking it carefully to scribe them in. There is a lot of detail to get right in this area and a lot of working it out as we go along. It has been very productive we have solved a few problems that had been niggling – like how we are going to make the shower tray fit with the wheel arch.

As you can see it is a little on the compact side but honestly we don’t plan on spending a long time in there.

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