Week Ten

Where did week nine go I hear you ask. Well we had a week off in Scotland and a break from camper van building. Never mind, we are back now and straight back into it.

The last job 2 weeks ago was finishing the ply lining around the windows and that is all but done apart from a bit of finishing off to the window on the sliding door. So now we are ready for internal walls and furniture.

Before we went away we met with the guy who is going to upholster the seat bed. It is complicated by how the cushions meet or even clash when it is in the seat position. So it’s not going to be completely straight forward but I am sure he will do a good job of it.

I got the back panel for what we are calling the Headboard – this is a tall unit that forms a headboard for the bed but also provides a high work shelf for the kitchen. It also hides the batteries under the end of the bed and has the master switch and fuse screwed to it. So with this in place I was able to make off the last cables and fix the fuse and switch.

The panel also has a couple of recessed hooks and there will be several more around the van. We need to hang, coats, towels, bags and the like but in a confined space they always need to be moved to where they are not a nuisance.

Next week we are making the furniture, it’s going to be exciting.

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