Week Eight

It is starting to look much more like a campervan this week especially as we are now working on fitting out. The only problem is that the joinery shop boss has gone on holiday without briefing the guy who is going to do the work so that is all on hold for a few weeks because we too are having a week off.

So with the rear most ply lining complete it was time to sort out the electrical systems under the salon floor. Mainly from the Votronic manuals I had drawn a wiring diagram to follow but made a few changes as I went along, mainly just to suit the layout. Everything is well fused so should be quite safe although it looks like we will be carrying a lot of different spares just in case.

I did have to re-pull a few wires and I needed a few extra bits such as more big cable crimps. I had bought a cheap hydraulic crimp tool so I could make up my own big, 10, 15 & 40mm cables and it made the job a lot easier. Everything is now neatly laid out and just waiting for the master fuse and switch that are in turn waiting for a furniture panel to mount them on.

With the basic electrical in place I was able too finish the ply lining around the salon window so it is now neatly recessed into the wall. The bed panels have all been cut to size and shape so that they take account of the B pillar when pulled out and the back has been slightly curved to allow for the curved walls.

We have also spent some time this week on basic layout plans and I think we made a lot of headway with things that seem simple but aren’t like the sliding toiled door. However the most important thing is sitting in the middle of the van just crying out to be installed – our 150ltr Vitrifrigo fridge.

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