Week Seven

We had two targets this week, first fix electric and ply lining. We made good progress with both but didn’t quite get finished with either. Still there is always next week.

The first job was to finish the raised floor. The idea is that this makes the swivelled front seats on the same level as the seat bed. The space underneath the raised floor is ideal to house the electronics.

I had intended to hinge the floor panel. I used some 18mm “Buffalo Board” but it proved too heavy for the flap stay hinges so I abandoned that for a simple drop in panel.

I layed down and secured in place several flexible conduits and left draw wires in each because I knew I would forget something – and I did.

With the floor in place it was time to set about the ply lining. We are using 6mm poplar ply as a base for the decorative ply finishes. Poplar ply, aka lightweight ply, because it is supper light. Cut to shape it is adhered to the van frame with Stixall and Tech screws. When we offered it up we secured it with some plasterboard supports while the Stixall grabbed.

With the rear lining panels in place I set about the wiring only to realise those cables I had overlooked. I had the foresight to include several draw wires so they weren’t too much of a problem, just time consuming. It works out that we need a coupe more 6mm sheets of ply so that means a trip to SL Hardwoods in Croydon.

So on to next week and see if we get electrical and lining closer to a conclusion.

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