Week Five

This is turning out to be quite a week. The van is up on axel stands to make it a little more comfortable working underneath.

Monday’s first job was fitting the water / waste tank, it is a single split unit with 80ltr fresh & 50ltr grey from Shaun Barratt. I started by wrapping the tank in foil Dodo just to make me feel better. I cut the level sensors holes and trimmed the sensors to length. They need calibrating so I did that by using the console and and a jug of water filled to tank depth. I got them to bang on 100% as I can’t do that once installed. Finally once I got the right length hangers I lifted it into place and made up and fitted the fill and drain lines from the under cill location.

Next job was fitting the intake / exhaust for them Wallas XC Duo. It was a lot of trial and error – no other examples to follow. Then I lowered the fuel tank to get the sender out and got covered in diesel only to find the pick up kit that came from Eberspacher was wrong. I eventually got a replacement and it’s fitted and the tank back in place.

Whilst all this was going on I set about fitting the solar panels. The panels are 1240 wide and the distance between the roof rails 1380. It seemed like an easy job to make brackets with some 4×2 ally angle but unfortunately they clash with adjacent roof ribs so I am waiting for a length of spacer material tomorrow. A word of warning to others – finding slot nuts for the roofrails is impossible. Unistrut are too big and T-Slot are to small. ATM it seems the best I can find are on their way from a German ebay shop. Tomorrow the cable and some StSt self drill screws arrive so it will be time to fit the cable pass through on the roof. Meanwhile Sue is almost there with insulation and we are contemplating doing the floor this weekend.

I offered up the Thule step – a new project in itself. There is not much to hang it from as the diesel tanks is in the way. Another lump of aluminium billet is on its way next week that will hopefully solve the problem.

The weekend came and it was time to start working inside. We startd by setting out the floor drilling’s for the seat bed frame. We layed a few 6mm ply strips with 2mm double sided foam on top of the ribs with 12mm Dodo in all the valleys and finally 8mm Dodo Thermomat.

Then it was time to refit the OE floor, at the moment we are concentrating on the front part. We quite like the material, it is 9mm resin coated like buffalo board but the top finish suits our design. We relaid it with a bead of Stixall on the ply battens and reused the OE tie downs – the ones by the door might be useful I future. When the floor was in place we drilled through the holes in the steel floor to refined the seat bed rail fixings and then, having marked the channels, cut slots in the ply.

So now it is all in place but the U channel needs a bit of “adjustment” and I need to pick up a few special fixings in the morning. However all in all a lost of ground covered this week. Let’s see what week 6 brings.

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