Food Thoughts

Holidaying for 6 weeks in the van is a big challenge on the food front. I want us to continue with the healthy diet we follow at home but also allow for treats and of course the extra glass of wine when relaxing at the end of the day. So far I think we’ve eaten well.

Our staple breakfast is porridge, I weighed and bagged each days amount before we left home and I make it using powdered milk and water. I’ve tried various ways of making toast on our Wallas diesel hob none have been very successful so if we want a change from porridge we have crusty bread with honey, jam or marmalade.

Lunch is usually a sandwich or bread and pate, always with a salad and followed by fruit and our trusty Activia yogurts, just to help keep our digestion healthy. Finding seeded brown bread in France and Spain has been a real bonus and we can even buy granary baguettes in France, something that was impossible to find a few years ago when we had our holiday house there.

Mid morning coffee and our afternoon cuppa usually mean a digestive biscuit or two, maybe a cake treat and one day we found pastries filled with gooey dark chocolate, yummy.

Evening meals really depend on weather conditions, if it’s nice and we have time then we’ll get the Cobb fired up otherwise it’s cook on the hob. Using the hob I’ve cooked various pasta sauces, seafood risotto, spicy chicken, fish, spicy Spanish white beans, omelettes and even managed to warmed up bread. Cobb cooking is simply grilling sausages, burgers, chops, steak or fish until yesterday when I finally had a go at cooking pizzas from scratch, something we’ve talked about doing for a while now.  Our evening meals are eaten with bread or potatoes, vegetables or salads, followed with cheese and fruit or a pot of something luscious we’ve found in the supermarket.


I’m really enjoying cooking with our diesel hob and learning how to adjust cooking times to allow for the heat settings as hot and warm are the only options!

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