Travelling Dog

Home again after a week on the road we are so grateful that Fred is a such a good traveller. A week of visiting freinds and relatives he spent 4 nights in the van and 3 at various freinds and he adapts to the changes without any problem. He behaves himself at freinds houses, although he does want to clear their gardens of blackbirds and pigeons, and seems to respect the difference to home. Once in the van it is like a second home to him and the back seat becomes his sofa and the footwell his bed.

Camp sites must always smell of bunnies but he won’t venture far from the van the as soon as he is on a lead Fred heads for the nearest hedge dragging you with him. When we are travelling for day he is fine with just regular stops to relieve himself and of course food otherwise he sits and watches the world or just relaxes. Mind if we are more than half an hour late stopping for food he starts huffing and sighing!

Always whe we get home as soon as he gets through the gate he is off down the garden to make sure all is still in its place in his world.

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