Arctic Circle 66° 33′ N

Situated on the E6 about 80km north of Mo I Rana the Polarsirkelsenteret is a bit more than just a line across the road.

We arrived at the Arctic Circle at about 17:00. It was a pleasant afternoon with an air temperature of about 18C but at that time of year and latitude the sun is very hot. There is a large car park, a visitor centre with all the touristic paraphernalia built astride the line and overnight parking for campers. There are also monuments, including those to Russians and Yugoslavs from WWII, and a large area of rock piles that Fred had a go at knocking over!

DSC_0204We were not sure what to expect at this latitude and the surrounding terrain is rugged but then the visitor centre is at 630m a.s.l.. However not far down the road in either direction industry and agriculture continue despite the shortened seasons.

We were in too much of a hurry to get here and were worried about how long it is going to taker to get home. In reality we could have taken our time and / or gone further north. We must come again and and carry on to the North Cape.

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